450g - 30x500ml 

Chimpanzee Hydration Drink is a highly effective rehydrating ionic drink for all sports. 

It contains 5x less sugar and calories and more minerals and vitamins compared to regular ionic drinks. It is designed for fast rehydration and is suitable for sports activities up to 1 hour or for replenishing fluids and minerals during demanding days at work. 



Chimpanzee rehydration ionic and vitamin drink continuously compensates for water losses. It covers the increased need for vitamins and minerals, especially Na, K, Mg, Ca, Cl, P, and Mn, Zn Fe, Cu, etc. As a quick energy source, it supplies the stressed organism with simple carbohydrates and polymers of glucose. We recommend preparing in a slightly hypotonic concentration, drinking it before an activity, and drinking a small dose every 10-15 minutes, about 100-150 ml, during exercise.

This drink restores lost energy supplies, replaces water and electrolyte deficits, thus improving the body's thermoregulation and reducing the risk of cramps.

Lemon Hydration Drink 450g