100% recyclable 

100% compostable 

made from 20% recycled material 

it will 100% biodegrade in 1 to 5 years 

safe for food use 


Chimpanzee Bio Bottle 0,75l

  • The Bio-Bottle is biodegradable, but yet maintains the same appearance and physical performance, as other bottles. The bottle is made of at least 20% post industrial recycled plasic, polyethylene and a revolutionary Master batch additive which makes the polyethylene bio-degradable!

  • The biodegrading process starts once a product reaches its final desti- nation in a Landfill. (litter, composting facility, home composter) It is not affected by heat, sunlight or moisture so there’s no need to be afraid of the product starting to bio-degrade on the shelf!

    The masterbatch works by encouraging and supporting the bacteria present. When products naturally biodegrade it converts the base materi- als into a food source for microbes with no harmful or toxic residues. It will 100% biodegrade. This process takes 1 to 5 years.