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About us

We have been producing Natural Sports Nutrition in the Czech Republic since 2008.

About Chimpanzee Sports Nutrition

I'm sure you're wondering if the bread you eat does not contain pesticides. Do you want to know if the water you drink is clean? Is it really necessary to transport it across half of Europe?

When we decided to make the first bars, we felt a paradox in the different perceptions of common foods and nutrition for athletes. Why are we interested in the quality of common foods, but we use bars or gels full of chemicals, preservatives, and artificial sugar during sports? We know that it is possible to produce a natural sports nutrition that is nutritionally complete and tasty.

Chimpanzee is a purely Natural Sports Nutrition system for your active life.

Start using Chimpanzee Natural Sports Nutrition and taste the difference.Start using Chimpanzee Natural Sports Nutrition, and you will feel and taste the difference. 

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Life with Chimpanzee Nutrition

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