I started my career as a mountainbiker back in 2002. At that time I only took part in small local races. It was not long until I achieved my first win on my 13 kg (29Ibs) heavy bike. From this point, nothing could stop me. The fascination of mountain biking has drawn me into its spell.
I grew up in the heart of the Alps, in the region of Tyrol, with 2 brothers, me in the middle. It has always been my dream to become a professional athlete, but my talent did not seem to be promising. It took me until the age of 8years to learn how to even ride a bike. Nobody would have believed that I would compete against the world’s best a few years later.
It has always been fun and a pleasure to ride bikes with my friends! I got to know people all over the globe, visited places most people will never get to see and all that just because of mountain biking. That’s why every day out on the bike is a gift!




Since 2010 I’m competing with the Ski-mountaineering National Team in International races. I love being in the mountains and practice sport, that’s why I’m actually living in a little town in beautiful Pyrenees. I am managing a Rural Hotel, I’m a forest engineer.  Mountain sports are my passion. This passion comes from my family. I started to discover the nature since I was a child. I climbed my first 4000m mountain in the Alps when I was just eleven years old. Just a year later I started skiing. I discovered climbing just few years later.

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I'm constantly exploring new adventures in and outside of snowboarding. Being a pro snowboarder for so many years taught me that when bad things happen, it always turns out to be for something good and important in my life. So I never take any moment for granted and I try to live in the present moment every day of my life.

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Fixed Gear Cycling Team

Firmly Fixed is a collective of six cyclists with enduring ambition and extraordinary love of cycling and urban cycling culture. After investing a lot of passion, sweat and lifeblood we’re very proud to bring the team to this level and are daily focussed to follow a certain way in the future. We take part in several national and international high prestigious fixed gear race events (Red Hook Criterium, Rapha Nocturne, Rad Race, etc.). Born from the passion of fixed gear cycling, friendship and vision of managing an own cycling team we founded Firmly Fixed in 2014 and built the base for the fastest team in the northeast of Germany.